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TOP 10 Best Tablets of 2013

#1 Best Tablets of 2013: New iPad (iPad 4) Tablet PC

PROs: Now with 128GB storage capacity. Faster A6-X dual core processor running iOS 6. Hundreds of thousands of actually usable applications available compared to other new tablets in 2013. Faster lightning connector, optional 4G LTE version as well as the their signature high resolution Retina display. The Apple iPad 4 is the best tablet 2013.

CONs: Faster lightning connector but if you have older peripherals you will need to purcase adaptors. Has always been expensive but even more so now with the 128GB version. Still heavier then predecessors.
The latest incarnation of the iPad 4 is one of the....FULL REVIEW

#2 Best Tablets of 2013: Google Nexus 7 Tablet PC

PROs: Awesome Quad-Core Tegra 3 processor. It runs the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Great screen quality. NFC compatible. Micro-USB port. Tons of Google products (if you are a Googler that is). Probably the best value for money when you consider the price.

CONs: No HDMI port. No expandable storage. Limited Android Apps. No rear facing camera. Home screen fixed in portrait mode.

FULL REVIEW:Google has now joined the heavy weights in the global tablet market with their new Google Nexus 7 tablet pc. Based on the specifications, price and user reviews, we believe that the Google Nexus 7 deserves a spot on our list of best tablets 2014. Similar to Apple and Blackberry but differentiated from devices like Samsung, Google has its own set of content. It has its own operating platform (Android) and hence can further differentiate itís device through Android apps and Google tools. In fact one could argue that Google has far more content and tools (not apps) in its war chest that Apple. Google has G-Mail, Google Voice, Google Search, Google Drive Storage, YouTube and the fastest growing web browser Chrome. All these features, all these possibilities make the Google Nexus 7 an ideal candidate for being one of the best tablets 2013. Continue reading why the Google Nexus 7 is one of the best tablets of 2013 and could be the best tablets 2014.

#3 Best Tablets of 2013: Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE

The 9 inch Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE tablet is certainly one of the best tablets 2014. Accordingly it is in a good position to join other top tablets as the best tablet 2013. When you compare top tablets today the Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE comes out on top for a number of features and benefits. Key to this success, we believe, is the value for money it provides. The Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE sets itself apart with of course its signature HD quality screen. You may argue that this is not unique since the iPad has Retina Display but Kindle has gone a step further adding dolby audio and dual stereo speakers which are exclusive to their lineup. Together the Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE has elevated the video playback experience delivering superb quality viewing and listening. They have also taken it a step further by employing two of the best and fastest wireless broadband technologies available today.

#4 Best Tablet 2013: iPad Mini Tablet PC

The iPad Mini has silenced some critics who didn't beleive that Apple's Tim Cook coud pull off a success mini version of the iPad in 2013. Not only has he pulled it off, it is perhaps the best tablet 212. It is not the best tablet 2013 for superior features (though it really is amazing in many ways). Instead Apple has managed to produce a tablet that is one, more accessibe to a wider base of customers but also, and more importantly, more appealing to a broader demogrpahic.

#5 Best Tablets of 2013: Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tablet PC

Another strong contender for the best tablets 2014 is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet pc. There are a number of reasons why this tablet is on our list of best tablets 2013. For one it has a great design and is the largest, thinnest (8.6mm) and lightest (565 grams) tablet available. The screen is 1280 HD quality with the live panel feature giving you the ability to customize your own home screen. This best tablet in 2013 also supports high performance multi-tasking and better web browsing with Adobe flash player support. No wonder itís a strong contender for best tablets 2013. Interestingly there is another Galaxy device that may compete with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for best tablets 2014. That is the new Galaxy Note phone or tablet. Indeed it is so designed you can use it as a tablet pc or a phone. It even has a stylus which is now called an S-pen for a modern twist. This tablet phone has become a fauvorite among artsy folks who enjoy great images and sketchups on the go. Should the Galaxy Note be on our list of best tablets 2013?

#6 Best Tablets of 2013: Kindle Fire HD Tablet PC

PROs: The Amazon Kindle Fire HD carries a 1280x800 HD display with polarizing filter and anti-glare technology. Front facing 720p camera. MIMO technology for faster WiFi. Xray feature and immersion reading. Great value for money with $199 price tag. Lighter than other tablets in its class.

CONs: The Amazon Kindle Fire HD has limited app store selections. Some applications sluggish. Default ad supported configuration. So so gaming performance. Larger look and feel. No 4G LTE. No pug in charging adaptor.

FULL REVIEW: Amazon came out swinging with its new Kindle Fire HD 7 inch tablet. Itís an impressive show of good tablet quality for a great price and hence catapulted them into our list of the best tablets of 2013. The Amazon Kindle Fire HD runs Android but make no mistake that this is an Amazon device catering largely to Amazon products. That said though it is pact with a ton of goodies! Continue reading why the Kindle Fire HD is among the best tablets of 2013.

#7 Best Tablets of 2013: Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet PC

Itís a bird no, itís a plane. Itís a phone no, itís a tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Note tablet pc is also on our list of best tablets 2014. One of the key benefits to this best tablet pc in 2013 is the fact that you get the best of both worlds. You get world class Samsung smartphone features as well as that of a tablet. To make this work Samsung had to do a number of things like getting the size right. Not too but big so it could not be handled as a phone and not too small that it could not function as a tablet pc. But not only is Samsung saying that this is the best phone slash tablet pc in 2013, they also jazzed it up with a stylus. A bit old fashioned yes but this stylus is one of its key features. It is almost a certainty that without the new S Pen the Samsung Galaxy Note would not be on our list of best tablets 2013. Samsung designed the S Pen to feel just like a pen. So for example they added pressure sensitivity. Depending on how hard you press on the pen you will get varying thickness of the lines. It also designed to recognize your handwriting and convert that to digital text on your screen. This best tablet 2013 is simply amazing and one to watch for best tablet 2013.

#8 Best Tablets of 2013: Microsoft Surface Tablet PC

Bottom line is that itís worth a second look. Microsoft is at it again with their new surface tablet trying to outdo the cool kids with the best tablet in 2013. They are taking on the young, wild and free but this is not so easy for the seemingly old, slow and buggy. However unlike with the Zune, Microsoft may actually have a chance with the surface tablet. Supporters point out that the Microsoft Surface puts Microsoft in familiar territory since they come preloaded with Windows and so they may be poised to produce the best tablets 2014.

#9 Best Tablets of 2013: Kindle Fire Tablet PC

You however cannot complete a list of best tablets 2013 without mentioning the Kindle Fire. Last year this would have been the last device expected to be added to the list of best tablets 2013. However the Kindle Fire has created a fire storm among consumers and has rightly earned its place on our list of best tablets 2013. The biggest plus for the Kindle Fire in 2013 is the ease at which one can access products like books and music direct from the Amazon store. In fact, we think the iPad 3 has taken a leaf out of the Kindle tablet's book here. With the addition of the high resolution screen and 4G LTE speeds, it is obvious that the iPad will allow customers to not only download books and music but HD video on the go. But beyond that the Kindle has great tablet features like high quality screen and great web browser all for a comparatively lower price. The Kindle Fire should be on your list of best tablets 2013 if you are seeking a solid performing tablet pc in 2013 for a great price (also helps if you like to read ebooks). It is not at the top of our list of best tablets 2013 because with that bargain price you do miss out on other features akin to the iPad tablet pc and Galaxy Tab tablet pc. Features like broadband access like 4G LTE for the iPad 3 tablet pc, cameras and mega storage are missing on the Kindle Fire in 2013 but present in our other best tablets 2013.

#10 Best Tablets of 2013: Blackberry Playbook Tablet PC

A fast rising contender is the Blackberry Playbook tablet pc. There is no doubt that the recent reduction in price has contributed to its growing popularity. But still these price cuts have allowed more people to try out the product and by the looks of it they seem to like it. For these reasons the Blackberry Playbook is also one of the best tablets 2014. Some may scoff at us including the Blackberry Playbook in our list of the best tablets 2013 due to recent events and lack of innovation over the years from RIM. Some industry experts believe they could become another Nokia. But they are on our list of best tablets 2013 because in reality they have a good product. The Playbook did not win any design awards and only runs on WiFi. But itís a solid product with as per usual great e-mail integration, fast swipe response on a HD quality screen with 32GB of memory. Best of all was the price. You can get up to the 64GB for just $300 nowadays. Hence a great pick for our list of best tablets 2013 but due to lack of innovation may not be a contender for best tablet 2013.

When to Buy the Best Tablet 2013

The best tablet 2013 might not be released until the end of this year. It would therefore make sense delay your tablet purchased until closer to the end of 2013. Tablet makers start releasing new of their upcoming 2013 tablets from as early as January at shows like CES or Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. They will all of course tell you that their tablet is the best tablet 2013 but you can never be sure.Ö..continue reading.

What is The Best Tablet 2013

What is best tablets 2014? By looking at the new 2013 tablet trends over these last few months we can get some insight into the characteristics that will make up the best tablet of 2013. For example if you examine the top tablet 2013 list so far you will notice a few recurring themes. Probably the most profound observation of them all is the new wave of smaller sized tablets or mini tablets. Now that the tablet euphoria has worn off, tablet makers are trying to find ways to keep the tablet base growing in 2013. One such strategy is to make it more available to the masses. Hence the best tablet 2013 will be characterized by supreme availability. So how do you make the best tablet available? The easiest way of course is to Ö..continue reading.

Best Tablets 2013 User Reviews

Recap and Review of The Best Tablets in 2013

Now that 2013 is drawing to a close many people are on the hunt for the best tablets of 2013. Whether it be for a Christmas gift for the kids or a new found love for tablet computing, our fascination with tablets will continue well into 2013. We have had some strong contenders for the top tablet spot namely the iPad however many other tablet brands came close. Continue reading.....

Review the new Mini iPad Tablet PC!!!

Review the new Kindle Fire HD Tablet PC!!!

What are people saying about these best tablets in 2013. Real user reviews are the best way to understand the pros and the cons of the various tablet brands before you buy. From time to time we will be gathering all the top reviews so you can have unbiased information to analyze in the hunt for the best tablets 2014. Ever so often we will have user reviews on your best tablets 2013. Bear with us while we pull together real user comments from around the web on all the best tablets in 2013. Keep checking back for the latest updates and donít miss out.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Reviews

One of the best contenders to the iPad and a must watch for best tablet 2013. Here what users have to say.

Apple iPad 3 User Reviews

Arguably the best tablet of 2013. Take a deeper look at the new iPad 3 tablet pc. Here what users have to say.

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One of the best tablets in 2013. Here what others are saying about it.

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New iPad (iPad 3) Tablet PC

PROs: It carries the A5-X dual core processor running iOS 5 making it twice as fast and bringing multi-tasking to life. Hundreds of thousands of applications available for download. AirPlay HDTV connectivity. 4G LTE Speeds and high resolution Retina display. Probably the best tablets 2014.

CONs: The annoying fact that there are no USB ports. Apps take up space and no expandable storage. Itís a tad bit bulkier and heavier than the last version. Battery life is ok but becomes a problem once running many apps. Shell not as sturdy for everyday use and you will need to invest in a better protector than the cover. In general the iPad 3 tablet pc is more expensive than others Tabet PCs of 2013.
FULL REVIEW: What are the best tablets of 2013? Some believe that the best tablet of 2013 is the latest iPad 3. Indeed the iPad 3 made its debut as one of the best tablets 2013 earlier this year and well positioned to be the best tablet 2013. Key new features of the iPad 3 include: 4G LTE speeds, a new A5x processor and super high resolution screen from their Retina Display technology. Continue reading why the iPad 3 is the best tablet of 2013.

The Latest Updates on the Best Tablets in 2013

Get daily updates on the best tablets in 2013. Stay in the know so you can be on the bleeding edge of technology when it comes to tablet Pc devices.

Google Nexus 7 a Threat to Nook

August 17, 2012. Prices for Nook ereaders have been slashed in an attempt to compete with the Google Nexus 7 tablet. Barnes and Noble seem concerned and they should be. The reviews are coming in about the Google Nexus 7 and so far so good.Except for a few minor issues, users seem to be loving the new Android tablet. This will certainly heat up the ereader wars and probably force more ebook readers unto tablet like devices rather than sticking to pure ereaders like the Nook and Kindle fire. Could this be the start of the downfall for ereader books?

Look Out the iPad Mini is Coming

August 18, 2012. The Apple rumor mill is on fire these days about a new smaller iPad mini. Various analysts and manufacturing sources in China have been trying to confirm this as fact. In any case we will know the truth pretty soon about whether this new 2013 tablet will hit our shelves before Christmas. The sources have also claimed an earlier than usual release according to manufacturing trends.Let's hope that this iPad Mini can make it on our list of best tablets 2013.

New 4G LTE Blackberry Playbook Tablet PC

August 19, 2012. RIM has released an upgraded version of their Blackberry Playbook Tablet PC. Now the Blackberry Playbook is 4G LTE capable. Unfortunately this 4G LTE version is not available in the USA but we do expect this to happen in 2013. Who knows this might just give RIM the edge to move up on our list of best tablets 2013. Now you have mobile 4G speeds previously only available with a 4G dongle.

Apple Wins Patent Case Againts Samsung

August 24, 2012. Apple walked away today with a huge victory over Samsang in its patent suit and counter suit. Apple was awarded just about $1 billion dollars in damages as Samsung was found guilty of infringing on their copy rights. The next question is what does this mean for the Samsung tablet in 2013. Will they be blocked from sale within the USA?

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